Christmas Choir Outreach Praise

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Thank you for praying!  We had a great Sunday, with over 180 people in attendance. Many were there for the first time.
The choir did a great job, and even more importantly, the dad of one of our teens asked for a Bible! He said he was tired of borrowing hers! Pray for Livio.

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2 Responses to Christmas Choir Outreach Praise

  1. Jan Tower says:

    Hi Jon and Mel
    Loved seeing the video. Also your new website’s wallpaper. Looks like a wall in Italy!! Hope you (Jon) are feeling well these days and the you(Mel) and baby are both doing great! We are anxious to hear the arrival news one of these days!

  2. Dale & Dorothy Hostetler says:

    Praise the Lord for the great day of celebrating our Lord. Trust you are all well. Missed you Thanksgiving at Quaker Haven. Wonderful meeting you there three years ago. Thanks for the newsletters and prayer requests. We have been praying for you ever since

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