Spring News

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Youth Ministry

We thank God for all that He is doing and all that we have been involved in, as we see Him changing lives.  Here are a few blessings and opportunities for prayer.

Youth Ministry

We continue to see God touch lives in our youth ministry.  We are studying the book Camminare Come Gesù (Walk like Jesus) together.
Pray especially for the unbelievers who have been coming. Pray that God would open their hearts.

Worship Ministries

Worship MinistriesWe continue to equip believers in music ministries.  Our worship team continues to grow.  Often we have had to translate songs from English.

For Easter we are also preparing our choir. Pray for us and them as we have to teach most members both music and choral techniques!


Currently I am teaching the church Ecclesiology, as we hope to see the nomination of deacons.


In February we had the chance to speak in L’Aquila where Jonathan did a youth seminar on discovering and implementing the vision that God has for your life, from the book of Nehemiah.

In May we head to Sicily, where Jonathan will translate for a course on Expository Teaching at the Italian Theological Academy.

Residence Adventures

NoahPart of our life involves just working on papers to stay here. Noah is officially an American citizen!! (no, it is not a given).

Next Monday (April 11th) we have our appointment to register him as an Italian resident at the local police headquarters. (that is not a given either!)

We hope soon to also become Italian citizens!

In a Nutshell…

S. Fortunato della Collina

S. Fortunato della Collina

Pray for unbelievers

Pray for our ministries: Youth, Worship, Evangelism, Equipping, Shepherding.

Pray for our Easter Outreach.

Pray for our residence appointment on April 11th.

Pray for strength and wisdom as parents and missionaries.


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