Please pray for the land across the street!!

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We are enjoying the group from Summit Baptist Bible Church this week! We look forward to celebrating the 4th of July with them.

Please pray for this week at the Centro Evangelico Battista.
Sunday our church will vote for the go-ahead on the auction offer for the land across the street. It is a silent auction, where you make an offer in a sealed envelope. Only God can help us make the right offer, that is neither too high nor too low.

Owning this land would allow us to solve our parking problems and to own enough square meters to be able to build more in the future, especially in light of the current growth rate and our desire to expand our ability to train leaders for the churches of Italy.

Please pray for us as we hope to make the offer on Tuesday morning!Youth in front of the field

Our youth in front of the field. We have already cleaned it up quite a bit so that we can use it for parking. If it were sold to someone else it would seriously limit our parking spaces and our ability to expand in the future.

PS. Just added a fresh new downloadable family portrait.  Go to Media Downloads or click here.

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