Counting down to Furlough 2012

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Shuttle LaunchTen, nine, eight seven…preparing for a six month furlough feels a little like waiting for a space shuttle to launch. With less than two weeks to go, things are really getting crazy around here.

  • Prayer cards are ordered
  • Display materials are being worked on.
  • Bills are getting automated.
  • Ministries are being delegated.
  • Housing – found (for the most part)
  • Transportation – found
  • Powerpoint presentation, VBS presentation, suitcases, dr. visits… not so much


Before we leave we also have baptisms on June 3rd, with all the preparation that goes into that, as well as preparing studies for the youth.

Can we just plea for your prayers right now????

In the meantime ministry goes on.  Recently we had the privilege of bringing a bus of about forty people of the church to Rome for a day.  In the morning we had our worship service in the catacombs.  In the evening we worshiped with our sister church where Lucio was brought to faith.  Here is a short video of the occasion.  The singing….well…needs work, but imagine singing In Christ Alone in the catacombs!


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