A Life Not Wasted: Adoniram Judson | the Cripplegate

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How much does Jesus ask from his followers?  Everything.

Meet Adoniram Judson.  As Nathan Busenitz points out in The Cripplegate:

“Adoniram Judson and his family made enormous sacrifices for the sake of the gospel. From a worldly perspective, some might argue that they wasted their lives. They moved far away from the comforts of his North American roots; endured the pain of rejection, hunger, torture, and loss; and did all of this to bring good news to a largely antagonistic and indifferent audience.

Looking back, of course, we see that Judson’s efforts were not in vain. His translation of the Bible is still used in Myanmar today, and his spiritual legacy continues to bear fruit. In 1993, the head of the Myanmar Evangelical Fellowship stated, “Today, there are 6 million Christians in Myanmar, and every one of us trace our spiritual heritage to one man—the Reverend Adoniram Judson.”

What is God asking of you?

For the entire article read here: A Life Not Wasted: Adoniram Judson | the Cripplegate.

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