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Noah and Monkey eating a banana

Noah and Monkey eating a banana

As we are half way through month five out of six of our furlough we are overwhelmed with the positive responses we have received over our presentation and especially over what God is doing through the ministry.

Here are our top three requests to keep you praying.

1. Pray for good health
I (Jonathan) had to have another slice of tongue removed on Monday for fear that it was a further recurrence of cancer. The biopsy result showed that it was negative for carcinoma, but only a mild dysplasia. This is great news.


Pray especially that my tongue might heal quickly, since Sunday I preach and present at West Cannon Baptist Church. Monday I am going to Elkhart, where a Christian dentist has offered to help me fix a sharp tooth that may be causing of the cancer.

2. Pray for God’s leading through this time of furlough
Pray that we can continue to maximize our time during furlough, as we try to spend time with all, or most of our supporters, sending church and mentors. Furlough can be a great time of reflection on how and where we do ministry.

3. Continue to pray for the 88 comuni (townships) of Umbria that are still unreached. Have you adopted an unreached township. (For a full list click here).

We are grateful to share in the great calling of the Gospel with you.

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