Happy Thanksgiving 2012!

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Noah and MelodeeHappy Thanksgiving!

Our Thanksgiving Tour is coming to an end with a great time of family, fellowship and food.

Now we get to enjoy a few days of relaxation with Melodee’s parents in Florida before we head back to Italy.

Certainly we feel that God has answered our prayers for this furlough in so many ways…

1. We have had great times of communion with our partnering churches and individuals.  So many people have committed to pray for the 88 unreached townships of Umbria.  We know that God is going to do something great with this sacrifice of supplication on their behalf.

2. We have had enriching time with many of our mentors.  They have helped us evaluate our spiritual lives, our expectations, and our life mission.

3. We have had the opportunity for Noah to get to know his cousins and aunts and uncles on this side of the pond.  And, of course, it has been so special for Melodee and me as well!

When preparing for furlough, it was easy for me to focus on the importance of reconnecting with so many people who make our ministry a reality through their prayers and giving.  I probably spent the good half of six months preparing the scheduled and the presentation.

The one day it dawned on me…as a missionary kid, furlough was special because it gave me the opportunity to see my grandparents, my aunts and uncles, my cousins and some of my parents’ best friends, as well as the people who support the ministry.  So we have made every attempt to see family, including a special visit to see Melodee’s grandfather in Pennsylvania before he passed away, days after we arrived.  And our family and friends  have reached out to us, making special memories.

God has been good to us, and He has given us above and beyond our expectations.

Thank you to each one who had made this possible.

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