Mission Accomplished!

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Noah preparing for yet another tripThanks to all of you who played a special part in this wonderful furlough.  By the time you read this, we will probably be heading back to work.

Yes…furlough is tough work, but nothing like what awaits us as we re-enter our mission field.

Pray for us as we re-adapt to the Italian ways, to meeting the needs of people, to bringing hope to those who are without hope.

Here are a few good prayer requests as we return:

1. Safe travels.  We will be traveling with a quasi-two-year-old on our lap.  Pray that they would be able to offer us a free seat.

2. Health.  As soon as I get back I have my checkup.  I have to get a request from my doctor for bloodwork that I need for  CAT scan that I need for my checkup.  In socialized medicine this seems almost impossible.

3. Citizenship.  I hope to complete documentation to apply for Italian citizenship.

4. Ministry Re-Integration.  Pray that we can understand how the ministry has developed in the last six months and how we must adapt.


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