Five important prayer requests

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Five Important prayer requests:

  1. We had an appointment yesterday at 2PM (8AM EST) in Rome for an important document for our legal status.  Pray that the Perugia officials will accept it. We have spent so much time and resources on this!
  2. My mother has a severe infection on her foot. Pray for wisdom and healing.
  3. As always, please pray for my message! Colossians 4:7-11.
  4. With a little over a month left before our departure we are FAR from ready.
    1. We need Italian Passports.
    2. Completion of the Furlough presentation and sermon.
    3. Wrapping things up here at church and at home.
    4. Packing
    5. Health
  5. Tonight at 7:30 PM (1:30 PM EST) we will meet for our first prayer meeting with Paolo and Beatrice regarding God’s will for a new church plant.  Will you join us in prayer at that time?

Will you join us in prayer at 1:30 pm?
Would you join us every week at that time?
Here are the requests for the prayer meetings:

  1. That God would allow us to train and establish Italian non-missionary pastors.
  2. That God would allow us as a church to determine the location and send workers to the next church plant.
  3. That God would make clear to us HOW he wants us to be involved in training leaders and reaching other cities.
  4. That God would equip us more and more to do His will.
  5. That God would reach all 92 towns in our region (Umbria) with the Gospel.

Thank you for praying!

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2 Responses to Five important prayer requests

  1. DERRICK MASON says:

    Dear Lord, Thank you and Bless you for this, My prayer request is, Please forgive people that hurt me, and forgive my sins (public & private), For every Pope to ever exist to be Highly Blessed in Their Work for The Lord and Love doing it, For The world to get better for The future Generations of The Body of Christ, for Israel and Jewish people to Believe in The Lord, Jesus Christ, His Death on The Cross for our sins and His Resurrection. For everybody who prayers for me be blessed 100 fold. For your ministry to continue to be blessed to do its work for The Body of Christ, thank you for your service for the Kingdom. Bless Jerusalem. For my calling in life, secret petitions List, dream/prayer request list, Project: G Warriors, Operation: Gen Origin, and dream side job to come to pass for the betterment of The Lord Kingdom in time and history, and to be Highly Favored in everything I do in life, and not die a failure, loser, beat up, ruined, homeless, handicapped or lost, nor embarrass The Lord nor myself in anyway throughout life. In Jesus’s name, Amen

  2. Pamela Bailey says:

    My husband Bryan left me and filed for divorce. He took all the money from the joint bank account so I had no money to pay the bills. I have been having a hard time financially can you please pray God is going to do a miracle soon

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