Even when the world is locked down, the Gospel is ONLINE!

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Can you believe it’s already week three of our seven-week adventure together?
More and more I can’t wait to share with you one small nugget of what God has been doing.

So here goes: week three!

Even when the world is locked down, the Gospel is ONLINE!

Today’s keyword is Online.
Our ministry is no stranger to online.
You might say it’s in our DNA!

In 1976, when I was only a year old (I know…that dates me!!), my parents, with the help of their outstanding support team, had the vision of beginning a TV ministry: bringing the Gospel into Italian’s homes every day since then.

Then in 1982 the Radio arrived. That ministry continued until recently, when it could no longer compete in the era of on-demand programming and video.

But no worries!  In the meantime we went online with our first website, followed by YouTube and Facebook channels!

We also gained Daniel, a technology genius, who then became director of the Radio, married my sister Elizabeth and now is a co-pastor and leader in the church and on our team!

Then Covid-19 arrived.  God provided in the meantime our amazing pastoral intern Danilo, who also is versed in technology.

By the grace of God, with the vision of these two men, we were ready for the new challenge and the new opportunities it has brought.
Within a week of lockdown we were going live both on our YouTube channel and our Facebook page.

That brings us to this week…

Sunday afternoon I received a lovely message from my landlady, thanking me for my message.  I didn’t even know she was following our service!

Monday I received another message, from the mother of one of our members, who is following from a city three hours away.  She happened to be following my message online as she wrote me!  She needed advice about a decision that she needed to make that affected her testimony.

Wednesday, as every week, our small groups, met all around the city through Zoom and other technology.  We have a sister in faith who lives 40 minutes away, but because of lockdown she has joined our prayer group!

I’ve already mentioned how there are people in various isolated parts of Italy who attend our services virtually now, when before lockdown they had no way to attend anywhere.  Some people have returned to church after years of not attending because they began following online.

I would say that makes for a pretty good week! 
Praise God for technology, and why not…for this unwanted lockdown!

We look forward to seeing you next week! 
Please pray for us!

As always, we love to hear from you, we love your feedback, and we love your questions!

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