Present with the Lord means joy in the Lord!

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Greetings from my living room! I have tested negative of Covid with my home test, so I can move around the house! Hopefully tomorrow we can make it official, so that I can get back out into the real world.

Thank you for praying for Claudio. Here is one of my favorite pictures from a while back. I can’t believe Noah is eleven now!

Yesterday Claudio went to be with the Lord, for his great joy and our great loss.

Claudio came to faith after many years of praying on the part of the church and Donatella, his wife. When he gave his life to God, he was a new man! Until his sickness, he was a very active servant. He loved serving God and others, including our family. Even after his sickness, he became an avid reader of God’s Word and of other Christian books. He always had his pen and ruler out to take notes.

Praise God for faithful servants. Please continue to pray for Donatella and the rest of his family. Your prayers have sustained Donatella in the loss of her best friend, and her testimony has been great.

Praise the Lord, that in a culture where death brings no hope or certainty, a life given to God brings joy and certainty. May we continue to share this hope to all who will hear!

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