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Noah and his "Chimp"

Noah and his “Chimp”


Well…it’s official… You can now receive our blog articles in your inbox!

This should allow you to be even more connected and informed!

In other news, if you receive our updates, you will notice that we have switched to a new great provider: mailchimp.  Not only do they have a cool name, but they are great to work with.  Let us know what you think!


Important Information for Baptist Mid-Missions Donors


Baptist Mid-Missions

Baptist Mid-Missions is in the process of installing a considerable and very necessary accounting software upgrade here in the Home Office.

We rejoice in the Lord’s abundant provision to purchase this software. The program will assure continued, accurate service to our missionaries on their fields and to you as a donor.

The installation is being accomplished very carefully. Maintaining complete records while transferring data to the new system is an utmost priority. Gifts are being processed and applied to proper accounts as usual. Missionaries are receiving their support without interruption.

The transition does, however, require a temporary delay in the issuance of receipts.

We regret any inconvenience that this causes for you, and we appreciate your patience. Honoring the Lord as we serve you and the Lord’s servants is a stewardship we take seriously.

Noah "Driving" Pappy's Car

“Driving” Pappy’s Car

If you are not a donor and wish to give to Jonathan and Melodee’s work you can find the form here.

Happy Reformation Day!!