Pray for the Whitmans – Pray for Italy

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Ready or not, East Coast, here we come!

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Eva airplane


I don’t know about you, but I get slightly nervous whenever I hear those words… “Oh boy, what am I getting myself into now?”

How about, if instead, I said: “Help me help you!” That has a better ring to it.
You see, in less than a month we sail across the ocean blue toward the great US of A (How many clichés can I use in one sentence?).

Can you believe it? We have not visited our friends, family and supporters of the east states of America since 2017! Time flies when you are serving the Lord!!

We look forward to being with you in person to share with you God’s many blessings as well as some of the challenges of serving in a post-Covid Italy.

Click here for our summer 2023 itinerary.

So much has happened in this time, that we risk having a presentation that is too long and yet still not answer all your questions. So, please help us by answering the following questions:
What would you like to know about our last term in Italy?
What would you like to see more of in our presentation?

While you think about that, here are a few things you can pray for as we get ready to leave:

Top Ten Prayer Requests for Furlough Preparation:

1. Wrap things up here in Italy
– Finish up our ministry responsibilities
– Prepare our vehicles and house for a three-month absence
– Get the kids set up for ending the school year early
– Italian Taxes

2. Furlough PowerPoint (see request above)

3. Furlough Sermon

4. Display Preparations: Prayer Cards, Banner(?).

5. Finish scheduling “in-betweens” (what to do between weekends)

6. Update support estimate

7. US SIM card for phones and other travel necessities.

8. Pack suitcases

9. Safe travels to Rome Airport, Charlotte and Columbus

10. Good health and time and financial management of trip

We look forward to spending time with family and friends and even showing our kids as much of our beautiful country as we can!!

Thanks for your prayers!

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Present with the Lord means joy in the Lord!

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Greetings from my living room! I have tested negative of Covid with my home test, so I can move around the house! Hopefully tomorrow we can make it official, so that I can get back out into the real world.

Thank you for praying for Claudio. Here is one of my favorite pictures from a while back. I can’t believe Noah is eleven now!

Yesterday Claudio went to be with the Lord, for his great joy and our great loss.

Claudio came to faith after many years of praying on the part of the church and Donatella, his wife. When he gave his life to God, he was a new man! Until his sickness, he was a very active servant. He loved serving God and others, including our family. Even after his sickness, he became an avid reader of God’s Word and of other Christian books. He always had his pen and ruler out to take notes.

Praise God for faithful servants. Please continue to pray for Donatella and the rest of his family. Your prayers have sustained Donatella in the loss of her best friend, and her testimony has been great.

Praise the Lord, that in a culture where death brings no hope or certainty, a life given to God brings joy and certainty. May we continue to share this hope to all who will hear!

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Sometimes life comes at you with unexpected blessings and opportunities!

Greetings from my bedroom!
Now, before you either think I am a terrible slacker or worse yet a workaholic working when I am supposed to be resting in bed, let me explain.

Life can take unforeseen turns sometimes. I don’t need to tell YOU that!
Truth is…

I got another case of the COVID. Yeah… I got back from Torino rearing to go, excited to see my family again and our church family too. I also got called to play in several band concerts…

But I got Covid instead, so I got sick, had to cancel my concerts, wasn’t able to resume preaching, have not been able to serve in church at all, and I don’t get to see my family, except when they sheepishly drop my food off.

At least I have a nice view! And a comfortable bed! Melodee is stuck on the couch for the duration!

Here are a few blessings since we last spoke:
1. We were able to finalize our Italian taxes in time and even had enough money to pay for them!
Thank you to all of you who inquired on how to help us through that! Let’s just say that the money was there, and the house search is now off… but as I said, we have a great view from our window!
2. We were able to celebrate Eva’s birthday with her cousins in Imola!
3. Melodee has been amazing to me.
4. My Dad has done an outstanding job filling in with preaching and pastoral care.
5. I’m well enough today to write you!

Here are a few prayer requests:
1. Pray for Claudio and Donatella, from our church. Claudio is in critical condition with heart failure, and may very well be looking at his last days on earth.
Thankfully, my Dad, as well as Maria Luisa and others, have been able to be close to them in this time.
We started a 24-hour prayer chain for Claudio.
If you would like to sign up for a time slot, let me know.

2. Pray that I can get out of Covid by Thursday. We are supposed to lead a group from church to a conference.
3. Pray for Melodee who has so much more to do with me out of commission.
4. Pray that I can keep food down. I caught a nasty bug in Torino that keeps coming back.
5. Pray that I can make the most of this solitude. I pray we can grow in our ability to serve the Italian people and Christ’s church! Pray for my parents, and they hold down the fort and Dann and Liz finish their furlough in the States.

Jon (and Melodee)

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Buon Natale! Merry Christmas from the Whitmans!

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For unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given, and the government will be upon His shoulders. And He will be called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace.…
Isaiah 9:6

Christmas tree

We thank God for you this Christmas season!  Thank you for sticking with us through thick and through thin!

We recovered (mostly) from Covid just in time to enjoy a nice Christmas as a family.

Thank you for your prayers!

We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

The Whitmans

PS. As our gift to you, here is our latest video (again)!

Pray for Italy



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