Happy Valentine’s Day from the Whitmans!

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heartsGreetings as we approach the sweetest day of the year!

As a single in college, I enjoyed this day as well, though we called it “Singles Awareness Day.”We would get together as a group of singles and not think of all our friends who were out on dates.  We still had a great time.

Legend has it that Valentine was a Pastor in Terni who was martyred by the Romans on February 14th of 197 AD.  Catholicism does not officially recognize Valentine as a saint.  And rightly so.  What we think of as Catholicism was not even in any Christian’s mind.

Here are just a few examples:

  1. Prayers for the dead – 300 AD
  2. The term Pope first used – at the earliest 304 AD (though more likely 523 AD)
  3. Veneration of angels & dead saints – 375 A.D.
  4. Beginning of the exaltation of Mary; the term, “Mother of God” applied at Council of Ephesus – 431 AD.
  5. Doctrine of Purgatory (Gregory I) – 593 AD
  6. Worship of cross, images & relics – 786 AD
  7. Canonization of dead saints – 995 AD
  8. Celibacy of priesthood – 1079 AD
  9. The Rosary – 1090 AD
  10. Indulgences – 1190 AD
  11. Transubstantiation (Innocent III) – 1215 AD
  12. Confession of sins to a priest – 1215 AD
  13. Adoration of the wafer (Host) – 1220 AD
  14. Cup forbidden to the people at communion – 1414 AD
  15. Tradition declared of equal authority with Bible by Council of Trent – 1545 AD


Pray for our Valentines Banquet Outreach Tonight

Tonight we have a unique opportunity through our Valentine’s Banquet organized by our singles to reach out to many couples with the Gospel.

  • They will be serving an elegant dinner.
  • Melodee and I, along with Jeremy (my brother) will be playing.
  • There will be a gospel presentation by Bill and Maria Teresa Standridge, veteran missionaries to Italy.
  1. Please pray for the unbelievers that will come.
  2. Pray for the couples that bring them, for the follow-up they will have after the event.

Please take a moment now to pray.

Please share this request with your praying friends.

Please let us know you are praying.

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