Something We Can All Agree On

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Here is a great and  concise reflection that reminds me of why we are missionaries to Italy.

Something We Can All Agree On.

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  1. Hi my name is charity anne and I deaf ,age 12 , 6th grade. I having huge project which due april 1st for missionary conference ..and I am studing abt italy. So I just crusoity how many did you missionary in italy? When did you saved?how did you saved?

  2. jonathan says:

    Hi Charity Anne! Thanks for checking out our website and thanks especially for writing!
    > how many did you missionary in Italy? I am guessing you were asking how long we have been missionaries in Italy…
    1. I came here as a very small child with my parents who are also missionaries. So in a sense I have been a missionary my whole life.
    2. – I was a single missionary for two years
    – Melodee came over on several short term missions trips after we started dating
    3. We have been here full time for about 5 years.

    > When did you get saved?
    My mother led me to Christ when I was only four years old. Melodee trusted Christ when she was three!

    > How were you saved?
    My mother explained to me, reading several verses from the Bible that:
    1. I was a sinner that was on my way to hell (Romans 3:23).
    2. That God loved me enough to send Jesus to be my Savior (John 3:16, Romans 6:23)
    3. That to be saved I had to trust and believe in Jesus and that he took my place on the cross (Acts 16:31).

    I trusted in Him that day and never looked back. It seems like yesterday. Isn’t child-like faith beautiful?

    How about you?

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