Prayer that can’t wait

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Jon and Noah

Jon and Noah

Dear Prayer Warriors,
Sometimes the busier you are, the more prayer you need.
This month I have had to preach, teach Sunday School, teach and lead the youth, lead the worship, lead wednesday night prayer, meet for discipleship with several men of the church. I have been to one funeral, spoken to people individually and collectively about their need for salvation, led a music songbook project, begun planning three choir events, helped a couple plan their wedding and had several great friends as guests.

I also have tried to make time for my lovely wife and son.

We are grateful for all that God has been doing in the ministry, though we certainly could use a break!

Other than the things mentioned above, here are a few things we desperately need prayer for:

  1. This weekend I will be preaching and leading worship.  I have not written my outline yet, but felt the need to ask for your prayers first!
  2. Tonight we are leading our youth in the initial phases of preparation for our annual youth conference.
  3. In October I will be leading worship for a national conference of church leaders for the first time.
  4. After that we will begin preparations for our Christmas choir outreach.
  5. Pray for Melodee as she tries to juggle taking care of Noah and being involved in the many ministries she is in.  She has not been able to play in our worship team for a few months now and we desperately miss her!
  6. Pray for wisdom in juggling everything and prioritizing.
  7. Pray for our furlough preparation.  We will need to visit many supporting churches next late spring and early summer.  With all that has been going on we have not been able to work on that at all.

Thank you for taking time to pray for these needs.  We are not trying to boast about all we are doing.  We know that busyness is not the same as effectiveness.  But we are very privileged to serve here and be able to invest in so many people’s lives.

The Whitmans in Umbria

The Whitmans in Umbria

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