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Yesterday I went with Lucio to the public silent auction decreed by the city of Perugia where several plots of land were being sold to the highest bidder, including plot number 14, which happens to be across the street from our church building.

Of course neither of us felt particularly comfortable, since we had never done anything like that before, and we realized what a critical step it was for the life of  the church.

It reminded a bit of high school exams in Italy…the commission on one side of the able, chatting away, not particularly concerned by the passing of time, while the people on the other side (us) were quite nervous about the outcome.

In the meantime, back at the church, the team from Summit Baptist Bible Church was praying.

At first they told us that we were the only ones bidding on the land, even though we had been told differently.  As a church Sunday we decided to offer as high a bid as we could afford, which was a significant amount, though quite lower than the value of the land.  The agreement on the amount was unanimous, for which we were praising God.  But we wondered why God would allow us to bid so much money if we were the only ones bidding for the land.

When they brought up our lot instead there were was one other bidder.  When the first bid was read, we sat back in amazement, as we had outbid them only by a 1,400 euro!  Only God could have orchestrated this outcome, and we realize how critical the prayers of God’s people in Perugia and around the world were to the result.  When we announced the good news in church last night people roared with applause and praise to God!

Now there is only one step left that would assure us this property.  The Archeology department will have to make sure that there are no buried Etruscans beneath the land. Pray that we can soon own the land and that there are no ruins of historical value under the surface.  More likely, they will find buried cars, since there are several mechanics in the area.

us threeOnce again we are humbled by God’s grace and mercy.  Once again we are reminded that the Centro Evangelico Battista is God’s vision, not ours.  We are reminded of what Jesus said: “apart from me you can do nothing.” (John 15:5).



Thank you for being a part of this vision through your prayers and giving.  Pray that we can utilize this gift in ways that will further God’s vision and honor Him.

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