36 Hours in Perugia, Italy – NYTimes.com

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36 Hours in Perugia, Italy – NYTimes.com.

For a quick glimpse of Perugia, you will enjoy this article.  It will help you appreciate more the place where we serve.  Thanks to Diane Lytle, for pointing it out!

I’m not recommending that you do everything on the list (for one thing it would be extremely expensive), but I am excited to see that Perugia is getting some press apart from the Amanda Knox trial.

Three of the places are on our regular itinerary of culinary pleasure.  If you visited us you probably went there:

The Perugina chocolate factory, which is less than a block form our church,  eating Maria’s TORTA AL TESTO (also known as Faliero’s)  and the Cioccolateria, home made chocolate store.  They also have great gelato and hot chocolate.

One final note about how small the world is.  They talk about the castle of Monterone.  A few years ago for a friend of my Dad’s I  agreed to do the English voice on their video.

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  1. Baylor Sims says:

    I am a 5th grader doing a nation notebook project on Italy. I am required to write about the main religion of Italy. I found you on your website and would greatly appreciate a letter from you that I can attach to my report telling of your religious experinces while in Italy, how you approach people and tell of God, where do go to mass at and how many times a week, etc. Your information will be greatly appreciated.
    South Carolina, USA

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