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Noah Package

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Dear Praying Friends,

Happy Thanksgiving!

We trust that you will be able to celebrate this holiday with family and friends.
Thanksgiving is the most American holiday in many ways.  Isn’t it sad that so many people in America will not even mention God as they celebrate it?

Our Thanksgiving will be celebrated with family right here in Perugia, Italy.  Unfortunately, we will have to celebrate it in the evening, because it is still a work day!

Thanksgiving 2011 also inaugurates the official beginning of a year of many travels, ending with Thanksgiving 2012 in the United States!  We call it the Thanksgiving Tour, because we see it as an opportunity to thank God for all He is doing in the ministry here, and to thank you for being a part of it!

Our tentative Furlough 2012 schedule is now online Thank you to all who have already contributed to filling our calendar.  We look forward to seeing as many of you, our faithful supporters, as possible while we are in America.  Click here to see our schedule.

In February we will be in Malta for Baptist Mid-Missions Europe’s Enrichment conference.

In December we will be in Florida to spend Christmas with Melodee’s parents, (thanks to their incredible generosity).  We will also be speaking at Grace Baptist Church, in LaBelle (FL).  If you are in the area and would like to hear us let us know and we can give you further details.

This Friday, the 25th of November we will be heading to Salamanca, Spain to minister in their missions conference!  This church is led by Pastor Kent Albright, fellow Baptist Mid-Missions missionary.  We even have the privilege of bringing one of our teens with us!

As you can imagine, we need your prayers.  Noah will have traveled more in his first two years of life than many people travel in a lifetime!  The thought of taking planes, trains, automobiles and even buses (sounds like a movie…) with a small child is enough to get us on our knees!

Please pray!

Thank you for all your love and support,
Jonathan, Melodee and Noah Whitman

Prayer Requests

1. Our trip to Spain this weekend. (11/25-11/29)
2. Preparations for the trip to Spain and for furlough presentations.
3. Housing and a vehicle for furlough.
4. Scheduling of meetings with supporting churches, individuals, potential supporters, other friends and family.
5. Handing off of ministry responsibilities during our absence.

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