Medical Report Update

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Thank you for your prayers regarding my recent health issues.
As many of you know, Monday I went in to have the sore in my mouth checked and the doctor decided to remove it on the spot.

Last night late we received the call from the doctor with the results of my biopsy.

The biopsy indeed found some cancerous cells, but by God’s grace they were removed intact, and they are considered “in situ”, which means that they were not yet a threat to the surrounding tissue.

Certainly we would have preferred a totally clean bill of health, but we thank the Lord for “good bad news”. There are more questions that will need to be asked regarding follow-up and possibly treatment, but we take the small blessings and trust God for the future.

Pray especially for us as we meet with the doctor to determine the next steps.

We will be on the road again next week to complete our visit of friends and supporters out east.

Pray that my tongue will heal enough to be able to speak this Sunday evening and in the following weeks.

Thank you for for your prayers and encouragement.

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One Response to Medical Report Update

  1. Aunt Judith says:

    Like I told your mother, we know you’re in good Hands. Thanks for the update.

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