Yet another brief health update with some more good news

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Thank you for your prayers.  Because so many have asked, I have thought it wise to let you know how God is working in our lives regarding the recently found carnoma.

The Plan
On Thursday August 23rd, I (Jon) met with my specialist in Grand Rapids.
Because the carcinoma was successfully removed, he suggests to continue regular checkups without doing unnecessary radiation therapy.

Please pray that I will be able to convince the doctors in Italy to have me seen more often.  At the moment they are only seeing me every six months, but the doctor recommends I be checked every two months.

My speaking and playing engagements have all gone very well, despite the discomfort in the mouth.  In fact, I dare say that the Sunday after my surgery, in Stevensville, MI was one of the more accepted presentations!

God is good!

Thank you for being willing to come along with us on this exciting (and frightful) ride.
God most often uses our weaknesses more than our strengths.

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