Second Milan Visit

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Thank you for your prayers!

If you were one of the OVER FIFTY PEOPLE who signed up for our prayer chain, I have some blessings to share with you.
  1. Cenni had most of the tumor removed from her brain last Thursday and she was already in church Sunday!  I will try to get you a picture of her for you as soon as possible!  She said that she has never felt so close to God as she does now.
  2. I gave the signup list to Donatella. She had tears in her eyes.  Tomorrow night she is going to read each one of your names in our prayer meeting.  Thank you for praying!
Speaking of tomorrow…
Tomorrow morning we are heading to Milan again for my follow-up visit.  (Thanks to my dear friend and mentor Steve Standridge for asking!!).
Here is where it gets interesting…by we I mean me, Claudio, Melodee…and Eva!The point of the visit is to evaluate the MRI and to schedule the surgery.  Imagine…five ours on a train with a six month old!  It will be great!!  I am so excited for Melodee to be there to meet the doctor and make decisions together.
Please pray for wisdom for:
  1. Scheduling the surgery
  2. Deciding to do the surgery privately through our insurance or through the national health care system.
Family portraitWe are so grateful to God for each one of you who read this, pray for us, give, to keep us going!  We truly feel like the richest people in the world!


We finally have some updated pictures on our website!!  Click here or go directly to our Downloads page.
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