World Cup Soccer

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20140614-210259.jpgIn case you didn’t know this, the biggest sporting event in the world is not the Superbowl.
The biggest event is the World Cup of Soccer!

It comes every four years, and this year it is hosted by Brazil.

Many countries in the world come to a halt when their national team is playing.

Since Italy plays at midnight tonight, I am guessing tomorrow morning our church people will be a bit sleepy.

Melodee was surprised when we got married. She didn’t even know I liked soccer…but when the first World Cup rolled around, her usually indifferent husband became an avid fan!

This year it seems a given that Brazil will win, but I’m very excited to see Italy and USA team compete in the big cup.

If you would like to follow some of the best games of the world’s sport, here is the best way to get them right on your phone.
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