Shock Wave – by Bethany Bassett

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Worthy insights from a friend and fellow culture-observer…

Why we Italian culture can drive us crazy, but we cant stop loving it…all in one soccer game!

Italian soccer team pre-2014 World cup in Perugia!

“On Wednesday night, the four of us had the chance to watch Italy’s national soccer team play a friendly match against Luxembourg right here in our local stadium. This felt… epic. The World Cup is the only sporting event I’ve ever really followed, and the Italian squad has reached Dream Team proportions in my mind. That the very first live soccer game of my life would be the NATIONAL TEAM, playing in my OWN NEIGHBORHOOD, felt significant enough to inspire a ballad or two. Or, at the very least, a live-blog.

That was before we got in line outside the stadium though….”

Read it all right here!

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