Time Flies When You’re Having Fun… And It’s Time To Head Home!

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It seems like yesterday that Melodee was packing our suitcases as we prepared for our summer furlough in America…now she is packing them again to head home.  We will leave with joyful hearts for all the blessings received and hopefully a few of them given along the way.
Also, a bit of sadness as we say goodbye to family and friends.

Monday, as you celebrate Labor Day, we head back to our labors of joy for the Gospel.

If we were able to connect in person, you know that our message has been simple: Battle in Prayer!  Are you battling? Are you striving?
Have you set a time or two a day to pray the Lord of the Harvest to send our laborers into his harvest?

Please pray for us as well:
1. That we can find daily joy in our labors.
2. That we can be safe in our travels.
3. That we can be wise and faith stewards of all that God has committed to us.

A busy schedule awaits us, as we jump back into a routine, but God is faithful.
May we also be found faithful.

Soli Deo Gloria

Jon and Melodee, Noah and Eva

Whitmans Whitmans

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