Living between two worlds

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Just a few days ago, Eva expressed a deep realization, one that defines so much of the life of missionaries and missionary kids (a.k.a. MKs): “Daddy, it stinks…wherever we are, we are missing someone!”

I know it’s not just a problem for missionaries.  Maybe you are a grandparent with kids and grandkids in different parts of the world, or maybe you’re in the military, or your job has you living far from family and friends, or maybe you are in a ministry that has you moving around a lot.  Either way, Eva’s right: it stinks to be missing someone all the time!

I guess it’s a good reminder of the tension between living in this world, but looking forward to the next!

One of the ways this tension shows up is when we are planning a summer furlough (and all the missionaries said “Amen!”).  We can’t wait to come and be with so many of you, and to share face to face all the blessings that God has been giving us since last time we were together. It also means we still have meetings to schedule, presentations to prepare, airline tickets to purchase; all the while being blessed with a fruitful ministry that we care not to stop until the very last minute!

Just today, I began preparations on my sermon for next Sunday, which just happens to be a great missions message.  Last week we were blessed with discipleship meetings, informal get-togethers with people from church, prayer meetings and coffee with unbelieving friends!  The weekend before last, Daniel and I even were able to help out in a conference for the Italian Theological Academy, while my Dad preached at my brother Josh’s church plant in Imola!

Praise God for all he allows us to do, and the people we get to do it with, including our co-workers/family and brothers and sisters in Christ!

Needless to say, we love feeling useful, but also we’re a bit tired!  I think I can speak for all of us when I say: Would you pray for us to get it all done?

Praise God that we are not alone in this! We can’t make it without you!

Thank you for your faithful prayer and support!

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