Four things you might want to know about the Whitmans this week

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Oops… I was adding tags and this reposted.  Oh well…I never claimed to be technologically savvy!

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noah playing the hornIt has been an interesting couple weeks here in the greater Perugia area for us!  Noah continues to learn new tricks…I am not sure how, but he has already figured out how to hold and get sound out of my French Horn.  He makes his daddy very proud!

1. Monday I (Jon) had another small ulceration in my tongue removed.  I have been recuperating since then.  I do have to ask myself one question…tongue piercings…Why??!!  This is the fifth time that my tongue has been excised in three years.

2. Friday (Yesterday)  We found out that our baby girl will probably be arriving earlier than the August 18th due date!

3. Tomorrow four people in our church are getting baptized!

4. Last week we met as BMM Italy team with the help of our friends Ken and Dawn Houghten of Baptist Mid-Missions England.  Ken helped us re-write our strategic plan for the next 3-5 years.  Dawn graciously kept all of our children.

We ask that you pray for these four things:

1. For wisdom and grace in the continuing battle with my tongue carcinoma.  On July 25th we should get results for the biopsy.
2. For preparations for our baby’s arrival  (including the choice of a name!) and for her health.
3. For baptisms tomorrow.
4. For our team as we work on our strategic objectives…things that can truly make or break our ministry here.

Thank you for your time!

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