Thank you for praying once again!


The response to pray for the event was great and immediate. Now I have a little over 24 hours to complete my sermon for Sunday!

I’m really excited about this message (as usual). We are preaching through the Thessalonian epistles. I am preaching I Thessalonians 2:13-16. I always enjoy filling in for my Dad when he is out.
I imagine that I will get a chuckle from a few church members, since it seems every time I preach it seems God chooses a text for me that is about persecution, suffering or discipline! And some think God doesn’t have a sense of humor!

Thank you for praying for last night’s event. Honestly the turnout was a little disappointing, but I thank God for every young person that attended. I had asked that three key people hear the message, and God allowed for two of them to be present!

And the amazing part is that God works through our weakness and does not care if we give the message to one or one thousand. The real work is what God does in the hearts, not in the numbers.

Thank you for being a part of God’s work through your prayers!

PS. There are more exciting things to share, so keep tuning it!

Thank you for Praying!


Thank you so much for praying for us here a the conference in Malta.
The prayer response was overwhelming, just as was God’s answer to the prayers lifted up.

There is undoubtedly a correlation between the the prayers and our ability to minister. Let me explain:

Right after I wrote to you the last time my voice improved considerably. I was able to sing without coughing.
As soon as I would finish leading the coughing would return.
I would wake up with a sore throat and without a voice, but as soon as I had to lead worship, my voice would come back again!

Now, I can’t say that I sang like Pavarotti, but by God’s grace we are now only a few hours away from our last session and I was able to lead in worship in all the sessions. I’m quite certain that without your prayers we would have spent the week in bed!

Pastor Patrick Odle and Ed Sears have led us though some wonderful teaching times. We look forward to going home and applying all that we have learned.


April and her husband were willing to feed our kids so we could have adult conversations!

As the conference ends, we thank God for all of our Baptist Mid-Missions Europe family.

We thank God for our administrator, Vernon Rosenau and his wife have been such a blessing in having the vision to encourage us missionaries from all over Europe.

We thank God for the pastors and churches who made this conference happen.
We thank God for the wonderful group from Grace Baptist in Winston Salem (where Pastor Sears is pastor) who minister to our children.

Thank you for being a part of this ministry too through your prayers! I say this time and time again, but you are our lifeline.

We have deacons

Yesterday the church voted almost unanimously for Jeremy, Giovanni, and Nicola to be our first deacons.

It’s unsettling to delegate more responsibility away from the missionaries, but we all agree that we could not have chosen three better men for the job.
They are theologically sound and faithful in all their households and in the household of faith.

God, help them to be men that your church can count on for the future!

News from Milan – from Melodee!


I want to preface this note by expressing my personal gratitude to you for all of the love and prayerful concern you have demonstrated toward us, particularly in the last few weeks as we have taken a step of faith by leaving the doctors here in Perugia to seek more specialized assistance in Milan.

So without further ado, here are the happenings of this morning:

I was greeted with a phone call around 7:15 from my beloved husband!  He was all prepped and ready to be taken into surgery, complete with paper gown.  If I hadn’t been impressed before by the new doctors and hospital, the paper gown did it now!  At Perugia, we’ve always worn our own clothes, but there they give you gowns!!!!  A little too much excitement, I know.  Then all of the sudden I heard, “Whitman”, and he was gone.

After a few tears and still another prayer, I started the day getting Eva fed and changed, Noah changed and breakfast for the rest of us.  Noah wanted my mom to pray.  As she prayed for Jon, I started crying again, thinking of the pain he would have to deal with in the next several days.  She finished praying, and then out it came.  Noticing that I was crying,  my precious little 3 year old boy, in a matter-of-fact, completely trusting voice responded, “The doctor will fix Daddy’s tongue.”  It wasn’t what he said that shocked me, but how he said it, so certain that Daddy would be okay.  It reminded me again that that is the kind of faith we need to have in our God.  God knows exactly what He is doing, and we need to trust him blindly, just like Noah trusts the doctor.


Around 10 after 11 this morning, I received the phone call from Jon’s mom letting me know that he was out of surgery and in the recovery room.  The doctor had come in and explained what all he had done and what the results were.  I know what you’re thinking — “Results? Already?”  Apparently that’s another plus to going to a cancer center.  Here, we have waited at least two weeks for each biopsy; there, they run the biopsies while they have you open so they can take more out if they need to.  So, from what Rachel understood, the doctor cut much deeper into the tongue and took two specimens and then three others from the surrounding area.  All five were CLEAN!!!  The catch is that by making such a large incision, they did have to graft some skin from his shoulder onto his tongue, so the recovery will be more delicate and extensive.  The blessing of this graft, however, should mean less tightness and pain (created by the previous scar) and more mobility of the tongue.

That was the Melodee version.  Thank you for bearing with my loquacious writing tendencies!

If you have more of the “Jon” mentality of conciseness, here’s how you can praise God:

1. Despite missing the assigned train, God allowed Rachel and Jon to change tickets without any problems, resulting in minimal tardiness to the hospital.

2. The surgery went well, with the best possible results: all of the biopsies were completely clean, and the skin graft should allow more more mobility without tightness and pain!

3. Jon is in a comfortable room without other patients where he can rest and not have to talk.

Here’s how you can keep praying:

1. Pray for Jon to be able to support the pain and the feeding tube.

2. Pray for his mom and others that will be there to assist him.

3. Pray for his physical recovery and spiritual encouragement.

4. Pray that he will NOT talk under ANY circumstances, as this is very important for the grafting process.

Thank you again for all of your support and prayers,

Melodee, for Jon, Noah and Eva