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Keep Praying!!!

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Noah learning how to drive

Noah learning how to drive

Thank you for your continued prayer support! So much has been happening that it’s hard to keep updated posts.

Please pray for the following prayer requests.

1. Pray for Saturday’s Soccer outreach
2. Pray for Jonathan.  He has to prepare the Youth Bible Study before Friday night and will be preaching and teaching the adults along with leading worship on Sunday.
3. Pray for the many Italians who have no hope of salvation because they are still trusting in their own works to get them into heaven.
4. Pray for the equipping going on in the church, especially with the men.
5. Pray for us as we continue to be more involved in theological training .

Last week we were in Sicily to translate for a course in Expository Teaching at the Italian Theological Academy, a Theologically Conservative Training school.  We are very excited about partnering with them, and they are giving us the opportunity to bring some of their courses to our church.  Lucio will be teaching a New Testament Survey course there in August.

Mount Etna, the volcano visible from the Theological Academy

Mount Etna, the volcano visible from the Theological Academy